About The Maixner Group

Kathy Maixner, Chief Outcome Strategist for the Maixner Group.

About your company:

 Are your business growth strategies clear and concise?

 Do your strategies stop at the point of theory without transferring easily and effectively into action?

 Does your sales team know the specifics of what to do to consistently produce expected sales results?

 Do you really know how competitive you are in the marketplace and what to do if you’re not?

 Do you have a solid plan in place to shorten your sales cycle?



The Maixner Group began in 1998 as Selling Smart, a sales consultancy specializing in top-line growth.  Our approach to working with our clients is simple:  We believe that unless the causes for business growth challenges and not merely the symptoms are understood, the ensuing solutions will more than likely be short-term and fleeting.

We have a unique, dual perspective.  Understanding that business growth strategies emanate from the top down, we find it imperative to understand both the big-picture vision for growth as well as the steps needed to implement the vision.  We do both.

Our clients hire us for one reason:  They have a deep-seated desire to achieve dramatic top-line growth and bottom-line profitability but need help in figuring out how to get there.  They understand that their strategies must be aligned and accepted by all of the players in order to insure consistent sales outcomes.

Our work allows us to help companies:

  • Insure that their sales strategies are the right ones for their target markets
  • Make sense of competing viewpoints that can tear a focused vision to shreds
  • Identify and hire the right sales team members consistently
  • Put into effect tools and techniques that front-line sales professionals not only understand but embrace
  • Pinpoint the often unrecognized or unseen reasons for less-than-optimal sales performance
  • Turn average sales outcomes into high-level revenue growth
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