High-value accounts require serious strategy

Through one-on-one coaching at both the leadership and sales team levels, we concentrate on making sure you and your sales team are clear on how to differentiate your company so that you consistently come out on top.

We develop interpersonal dialogue techniques to protect you from possible curve balls in the sales process.


The Maixner Group is adept at uncovering the hidden costs of client acquisition and developing streamlined processes to insure profitability. Companies often identify high-value accounts as those that bring in the most revenue, not necessarily the most profit. 

With its strong success in helping clients to acquire large accounts through RFP's and in contract situations – as well as those situations where closing skills are lacking, The Maixner Group is prepared to position your company as the “company of choice” in your buyers' eyes.

In working with us, companies should be prepared to:

►Outline a roadmap to success – one step at a time
►Take a close look at previous failed strategies in order to learn from them
►Discover how your target buyers want to be treated – and what to avoid at all costs
►Invest time and sweat equity in reaching all influencers within your target companies who can help you to crack these accounts
►Uncover potential curve balls BEFORE they hit you in order to establish contingency plans
►Have all of the operational pieces in place – so that when a high-value account is acquired – it doesn't fall apart on the back end

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