Retain and grow the customers you want

Regardless of market fluctuations you can retain and grow the customers you want.

The last thing you need is to have your customers turn over each year.  The cost to retain a good client is far less than that of bringing in a replacement. 

Customers have many choices.  You're just one of them.  While your sales team is pounding the pavement or writing up RFP's to acquire these customers, your operational team will need to be ready to care for them the minute you say, “Go”

Ask yourself:  “Do I truly understand each of my customer's motivations?  Do I clearly recognize why he or she chose my firm to do business with?  Am I confident that I know how to retain this customer long-term and keep this customer from ever going to my competition?

To keep your company top of mind and increase customer loyalty, we design retention strategies that are based on:

►Making it easy for your customers to recommend your company to others
►Ensuring that your sales and operations teams are crystal clear in their communications with your customers AND with each other
►Discovering what matters most to your customers – as determined through various survey and outreach methods
►Becoming a trusted partner – not simply a vendor
►Systematically reaching out to your customers – in order to let them know how much they matter – regardless of the dollar amount of business they provide you
►Creating strong communication techniques for your Customer Care Team when they interact with your clients
►Improving your customers' satisfaction levels when dealing with your industry, in general, and with your company, in particular

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