One-on-one mentoring in the field yields large returns



We work with you and your sales team to insure that field sales performance meets or exceeds the outcomes you desire.

What good does it do to have your sales team understand the importance of sound sales strategies if it has challenges implementing them in the field?  Many salespeople know their products or services inside and out – only to find that buyers focus just as much attention on interpersonal connections. 

Kathy Maixner is a Master of Interpersonal Communication. She and her team work together with you to hone sales processes so that there's very little chance for miscommunications. How?  By working closely with your sales team in field situations to FIRST determine sales acuity and then to improve sales outcomes.

Through Field Sales Mentoring, The Maixner Group:

►Helps to identify your sales team's most promising prospects
►Works with your sales team in front-line situations to build instant trust and rapport with prospects and customers, alike
►Identifies your sales team's field strengths and challenges – as a prelude to creating Performance Improvement Plans
►Helps to open buyers' doors that have previously been shut tight
►Provides sales teams with step-by-step Action Plans to acquire business – even in highly-competitive situations
►Works closely with sales leaders to insure that they are providing the necessary tools and direction to their teams in order to optimize business growth

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