About Kathy Maixner

Kathy Maixner believes that achieving high-level sales results without having the ability or the understanding to replicate them is useless. 

Clients describe her as no-nonsense, pragmatic and achievement driven—with an uncanny ability to make others “critically evaluate themselves without feeling self-conscious or persecuted”.

Chief Outcome Strategist for the Maixner Group, Kathy Maixner has over 30 years' experience in turning average-producing sales-centered companies into high-level sales organizations.  Kathy has a proven track record of helping her clients to achieve multi-million dollar contracts in highly competitive markets.

Prior to founding The Maixner Group, Kathy held high-level positions in the staffing industry, in particular as a co-owner of a company in Dallas, Texas that was acquired by a national company in 1989.  It was here that Kathy learned the importance of the “intrapraneurial mindset” that sales-centered companies need in order to outshine their competition.

She has worked for many years with a variety of companies to take their good salespeople and turn them into exceptional sales stars.  Her work with front-line salespeople as well as the Executives that manage them has led her to discover that at the heart of all business success is the drive for continuous improvement.

Kathy has an M.S. in Communication Studies from the University of North Texas and is the former President of the Institute of Management Consultants – Oregon/SW Washington Chapter. 

She is a regular contributor to the Portland Business Journal and writes frequently on the importance of communicating effectively in the sales process.  She has received recognition for her numerous sales accomplishments and credits her ambition and clarity of purpose as necessary characteristics in helping her to turn her clients' sales expectations into sales realities. 

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