Resources that can help improve your sales

The Maixner Group maintains this FREE selection of articles on the art and science of sales for anyone that can use the help provided.

These items are no substitute for experience, training and coaching in the Maixner Method but they have proven helpful for many.

The Maixner Group was recently recognized in as having a customized sales training program that focuses on each individual's learning style. The results?


Forbes Article

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Kathy Maixner was recently recognized in Sales Pro Magazine.  Read her forthright article on why salespeople should stop selling "STUFF"!!

Sales Pro Article
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1. "Mastering the Real Sale: Getting the Appointment"
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2. "Stop Selling - Start Relating"
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3. "Forget Your Product or Your Service - Do They Like You?" Click to Download PDF

4. "Let Your Customers See You as a Consultant"
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5. "Taking Control When There's a Candidate Shortage" Click to Download PDF

6. "If You Can Only Be One Thing Be a Good Communicator" Click to Download PDF

7. "You Can't Speak - They Can't Hear:Bridging Communication Gaps " Click to Download PDF

8. "Giving Your Conversational Partners What They Want Most " Click to Download PDF

9. "How to Keep Your Meetings from Becoming a Total Bore " Click to Download PDF

10. "Good Times Bad Times - Communicate With Your Troops"  Click to Download PDF

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