A sales audit can highlight missed opportunities

The Sales Audit can include or address:

►Job shadowing (Internally or in the field)
►One-on-one interviews
►Appointment-setting skill sets
►Assessment of cross-functional team dynamics
►Benchmarking sales performance
►Performance improvement plans
►Compensation plans
►Incentive plans
►Customer care strategies

Sales-centered companies often call The Maixner Group when there is a lull in sales or even a resistance to certain sales methodologies, such as cold calling.  Many times the sales team, or one or two individuals in particular, are viewed as not meeting sales projections and “something has to be done”.

The Maixner Group is adept at bringing to light how a company's systems and processes complement or detract from one another.  Starting from those less-than stellar sales outcomes and working our way backwards has proven to be a prudent way in which to operate.

We look at all key players and how they are interfacing with one another and your customers.  Our observations lead us to advise you appropriately on how to enhance your internal and external communications.

In situations like these, we encourage companies to take a deep breath. While it would be easy to apply a sales training bandage, we know that addressing a symptom – even if sales training could help in the short-term – would be doing you a disservice.

Every audit includes an Executive Report that outlines a clear and concise roadmap for company growth. Our written findings detail operational observations and recommendations to improve both internal and external communication, where appropriate.

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