Shorten your hiring cycle and acquire top talent

Maixner Group clients are provided with interviewing techniques designed to elicit the real capabilities of candidates–at all levels of sales expertise.

  The Maixner Group knows a thing or two about getting it right – from the beginning to the end of the hiring process.  With years of experience selecting and hiring hundreds of the right people for the right jobs, we understand the potential loss of time and money involved when the wrong people become part of your sales team. 

Sales people are a unique brand all unto their own.  Many are independent and can run with the ball once it is handed off in a clearly-defined manner.  Others require more attention and can forget the details in the process of client acquisition.

We understand the nuances between attracting and hiring a stellar candidate and how to sort out an individual that “wows” interviewers but does not perform.  Our job is to help you understand the difference between the two so that new hires are long-term hires.  We lower attrition rates and increase hiring success so you spend less money on employee acquisition and retention strategies.

The Maixner Group offers selection and hiring consulting services that:

►Position you to make better hiring decisions
►Provide dialogue-based communication techniques to strengthen the interviewer's role
►Aid in hiring decisions through the application of Selection Assessments
►Create customized templates that pinpoint the questions hiring managers must ask in the interviewing process
►Prepare you to uncover smokescreens during an interview so that you can address vague or incomplete responses
►Co-interview where appropriate

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