All sales training is not equal


Kathy Maixner understands the need for personal and professional growth.

Salespeople relate to her no-nonsense approach toward client acquisition and client retention.

Her workshops are upbeat and highly interactive.  She is not a “talking head” but rather someone who is a catalyst in bringing forth solutions that are often generated by her audiences.

Sales leaders understand the value of growing their sales teams.  What they sometimes forget is that all sales training is not equal.

We first and foremost make sure that training is what you need.  By looking at your historical data, your current circumstances, and your sales objectives, we sometimes discover that what you need is more conducive to one-on-one business development coaching or a sales audit. When sales training is required, we make sure that style and substance merge to increase your team's retention capabilities.

In developing and delivering custom-made sales training programs, The Maixner Group:

►Focuses on going narrow and deep into content rather than shallow and wide
►Fosters collaborative learning amongst workshop participants
►Applies practical, industry-specific case scenarios that resonate with the sales teams
►Provides tangible techniques that can be immediately applied
►Offers a context in which every workshop participant is recognized for his or her contributions
►Keeps learning FUN – so that sales training is never again thought of as “boring” or “irrelevant”

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